House Whip Avoids Issue; Sees Political Motives; I Invite Him to Hearing

Reference: Many Delegates cheap jerseys Back Smaller State Districts (Charleston Daily Mail, Wed May 25, 2011)

House Majority Whip Mike Caputo, D-Marion, was quoted this morning as saying, “…he didn’t see much support for major change and said ‘outside’ groups and the ‘extreme right’ weren’t going to dictate what the House should be doing.”

I wonder why he would say there’s not “much support for major change?” Probably the same reason Speaker Rick Thompson gave when he said he had “…gotten mixed signals about whether to draw single-member districts for all 100 House seats.”

You guys are talking to wrong people!

Seriously, you’re talking to MEMBERS of the House Cheap NFL Jerseys of Delegates and they have, frankly, a vested interest in the outcome.

You should be talking to the people!

Er, but then Speaker Thompson said it would be a waste custom jerseys of taxpayer money to hold hearings throughout the state as the enlightened State Senate has done. And I suppose you support that view, but I don’t know.So, what’s a poor people like me to do to be heard? What can I do to get important people like you talking about the ISSUE of single-delegate districts (pros and cons)?

All that’s being done now is groups are picking sides. The Chamber is for it. Got it. Lotta Republicans are for it. Got that too. Some Democrats are against it and it appears that the House leadership is given their passive-aggressive stance (I’m cheap nhl jerseys certainly opened minded about it butta … ya da) is against it. Got that, too. Now, let’s talk about the ISSUE.

But Delegate Caputo, instead of talking Cheap Oakleys about the issue, you invoked the right-wing extremist label on anyone who is supporting the concept of oakley outlet “one person, one vote.” That, quite frankly, makes me wanta arm-wrestle you because I’m not part of an organized group. I’m not right wing. Fact is I’m a Rockefeller Democrat, only I haven’t changed my registration yet.

I want YOU and the rest of our leaders to focus on the ISSUE, not the political intrigue. Why are you against 100 single-delegate districts? Just tell us and let us respond if appropriate.

Hey, I’ve got an idea!

Why don’t you, Delegate Caputo bring Speaker Thompson to the Kanawha County Courthouse on June 22nd at 7 pm (courtroom four on fake oakleys the second floor) and participate in the hearing the Kanawha County Commission is holding? There’d be no extra work on your part and it will be done at no additional cost to the citizens of West Virginia.

It would be a win-win for us all because you can hear what the people say, instead of just listening oakleys outlet to the Delegates. <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', cheap nfl jerseys ‘’, ‘for’);”>for You can also express your views, such as how only outside groups and right-wing extremists are for single-delegate districts.

Fact is I’d be glad to discuss with you privately or publicly the issue of good governance in West Virginia which is manifest in 100 single-delegate districts. We could do a debate. It could be a big event like the time Cassius Clay met Sonny Liston.

Course, I wanna be Cassius Clay. Call me and we’ll arrange it. (304) 541-3714.

Tom Crouser
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  1. I hope they do not listen to the people and keep multi member districts. We can simply let them know in November 2012 what we think. Then with Representatives that will actually do what is best for the people, in the 2013 session, the Legislature can then redistrict to single member districts at that time.

    The people are now paying attention to their shenanigans. Many of them still don’t get it. We don’t work for them. They work for us.

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