8/27 Lament: Mighty 30th is no more

Brad McElhinny: The mighty 30th District is no more
Brad McElhinny, Saturday Gazette-Mail
The Sushi 7 yield to the hinterlands, coleslaw country…. I’VE been thinking about legislative redistricting the same way legislators did: How will it affect me? cheap oakleys For many years, I have lived in the 30th District, which was known for its impressive size, flowing from the Continental Divide at its eastern border to the Ohio River on its western end. This was the one-vote, one-land-mass Elite principle. There were so many delegates from the 30th District, they could never be beaten. Their busts should have been made into a South Hills Mount Rushmore …

Take redistricting out of Legislature’s hands
Former State Senator Frank Deem, The Dominion Post
Redistricting trumps every other subject in the Legislature. Survival is the name of the game. Every 10 years the Legislature must divide the 100-member House of Delegates and the 34 members of the state Senate into districts which are equal in population. This requirement is the result of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling of 1962, which held that every citizen is entitled to equal representation. The primary reason this issue was litigated is because the Cheap mlb Jerseys nation’s population had shifted from rural to urban areas, yet the rural areas still dominated the cheap football jerseys Congress and state legislatures …

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